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h2norm, hinfnorm

Calculate the H2, H norms of a SYSTEM matrix


h2norm calculates the 2-norm of a stable, strictly proper SYSTEM matrix. The output is a scalar, whose value is the 2-norm of the system.

The output from hinfnorm is a 1 x 3 vector, out, which is made up (in order) of a lower bound for ||sys||·, an upper bound for ||sys||·, and a frequency, o, at which the lower bound is achieved.

The ||·||· norm calculation is an iterative process and requires a test to stop. The variable tol specifies the tolerance used to calculate the ||sys||·. The iteration stops when

(the current upper bound) (1 + tol) x (the current lower bound).

The default value of tol is 0.001.

The H2 norm of a SYSTEM follows from the solution to the Lyapunov equation.

AX + XA' + BB' = 0,

with ||sys||2 = trace (CXC').

Calculation of the H norm requires checking for j axis eigenvalues of a Hamiltonian matrix, H, which depends on a parameter . If H has no j axis eigenvalues, then the ||·||· norm of the SYSTEM matrix is less than . If the matrix H does have j axis eigenvalues, then these occur at the frequencies where the transfer matrix has a singular value (not necessarily the maximum) equal to . By iterating, the value of the ||·||· norm can be obtained.

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